5. Elaboration Question 10

Course subject(s) 5. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal

Question 10: Biological phosphorus removal

Given the following influent wastewater characteristics and the corresponding biological process information, estimate the effluent phosphorus concentration.

Influent Concentration (g/m3)
COD 300
bCOD 200
bsCOD 50
Phosphorus 6
  1. Heterotrophic synthesis yield, Y = 0.4 g VSS/ bCOD
  2. Endogenous decay coefficient, kd = 0.08 g VSS/ g VSS/d
  3. SRT = 5 d
  4. Phosphorus content of PAOs = 0.3 g P/g VSS
  5. Phosphorus content of other bacteria = 0.02 g P/g VSS
  6. Clarifier effluent VSS concentration = 8 g/m3

Formula for PAO biomass produced = [Y(1+(kd)SRT)]bsCOD

Formula for heterotrophic biomass produced from the conversion of colloidal and particulate bCOD = [Y(1+(kd)SRT)]bpCOD, where bpCOD = bCOD - bsCOD

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