6.1.1 Re-connect lecture of Building Inclusive Cities

Course subject(s) 6. Wrapping up

As we approached the end of the course, in the previous instructor-paced run of this course, the instructors got together in a live webinar to summarise some of the arguments raised, and answer some questions. Below you can find a recording of the session. It is longer that any of the other videos you have watched so far; in order to help you focus on what you are interested in, we can provide the following timings:


0:00 – Welcome!
1:06 – Main takeaway messages by Maarten and Tanja
6:06 – Maarten and Tanja answer a question about urban regeneration versus heterogeneity and inclusion.
15:49 – Tanja and Maarten answer a question about gender inequality in relation to urban planning and design.
22:20 – Maarten and Tanja answer a question about segregation in historical cities and neighborhoods.
29:12 – Tanja and Maarten answer a question of how to address segregation in a caste-based India.
35:10 – Maarten and Tanja answer a question about innovative housing initiatives aiming at tackling segregation in cities.
44:30 – Maarten answers a question about the strong traditions of Dutch urban design.
50:10 – Thank you and good bye

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