6.2.3 Facade Leasing

Course subject(s) Module 6: Conclusion

As we learned during the course, the lease model is becoming part of the transition towards Circular Economy.

In the following video, Juan Azcarate presents the prototype of façade leasing system located in TU Delft. You will learn about the innovative idea of renting out facades and the many properties offered with the leasing system.

Key points:

  • The façade delivers all of the services needed to assure the comfort of the users: ventilation, provides energy, the façade has automated shading and air handling system.
  • The lease model facilities the transition towards Circular Economy. The advantage of the project is that the business model is set and in process of testing and can be adjusted to the changing circumstances within the Circular Economy framework.
  • A barrier is the innovative nature of the project. The transition is not always easy and there must be a harmony between the social acceptance, financing and regulations.
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