6.2.6 Bike Sharing: Conclusion

Course subject(s) Module 6: Conclusion

In the video, Alessio Franconi and David Peck talk about the business model behind the OV-fiets. In this last video of the series about the Dutch public transport bicycle, you will learn how the business model drives the product design and how the product-service-system approach was implemented.

Key points: 

  • The OV-fiets is based on the Pay-per-use business model, the bikes are rented out daily to a great number of users.
  • The components of the bike are standardized in order to facilitate the processes of repair, remanufacture and recycle.
  • OV-fiets is an example of a product-service-system approach as the bike is a product that offers mobility and flexibility services to the customers, and it is designed in a circular way.
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