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Course subject(s) 6. Future and Special Systems

Other Developments

6.4.1 Straddle-bus

Although it looks like the Hyperloop might be up and running in the near future, this does not apply to all future developments such as the straddle-bus, A-train or the moving platforms.

The straddle-bus is a transportation system developed in China. It is an elevated bus that rides along a rail, enabling cars to pass underneath and thereby saving space in the ever growing cities. In August 2016, the Transit Elevated Bus was road-tested, but questions remain if this project is a feasible solution.

Straddle-bus Video

6.4.2 A-train

The A-train is not just a train, it is a concept where the A-train bogie is compatible with different kinds of trains. This bogie uses a similar system as the maglev. It levitates above the track reducing friction. This train, however, does not need a separate track, but is designed to ride along existing track networks.


6.4.3 Moving platform

Paul Priestman, designer of the moving platform concept, believes that rail transport could be improved timewise by removing stations and thereby its platforms. Trams, moving in and around the city would speed up to travel alongside the trains to accommodate transit between the trains, while they remain driving at a constant speed.

Link to the YouTube-video

6.4.4 Train that never stops

Stopping and going costs relatively a lot of time as well as energy. In this example, neither are needed. Please note, the video below is in Chinese and is merely used for illustrative purposes.

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