9.1.1 The Dynamics of Co-creation

Course subject(s) Module 9 – Synthesis: The Dynamics of Co-creation

Citizen Sam (Animation)

Welcome to the last module of this MOOC on Co-creating Sustainable Cities. During this module, we will do several things. First, during a series of panel debates, we will look back at the different forms of co-creation, reflect on some key-topics, and discuss the relevance of what we have seen. In addition, in this module, you will finalize the research proposal and we will tell you about its assessment. At the end of this module, you will find some video’s about how we developed the MOOC, about AMS and WIMEK who initiated it, and how you can stay connected. Please do not forget to fill in the post-course survey, as we are eager to receive your feedbacks.

But first: did you remember the animation about ‘Sam’ at the start of the first module? Once again, Caspar Swinkels seated behind his drawing table and made another animation to kick off the synthesis. Let’s join Sam for some concluding thoughts about the MOOC.

Citizen Sam

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