9.2.2 Panel Sessions I

Course subject(s) Module 9 – Synthesis: The Dynamics of Co-creation

Co-creation: By Invitation and in Everyday Life

You may remember a second distinction that we made in addition to the distinction between co-creation of city politics and socio-technical systems: the distinction between co-creation ‘by invitation’ and ‘in everyday life’. In this second panel session, we will readdress this distinction and confront it with many of the examples that we came across in the MOOC. In the second part of this session, we leave the theoretical discussions about the two distinctions for a moment and look back at the MOOC from an empirical perspective. We reflect on the different cases that we came across and try to match them with the two distinctions we made.

This second panel discussion will involve the same panel members: prof. Gert Spaargaren, prof. Maarten Krol (host of Air Quality), Ilse Voskamp (Water & Waste Water), dr. Sanneke Kloppenburg (Energy Storage), dr. Jotte de Koning (Food & Green Space), and Walter Fraanje (Energy & Air).

Co-creation and Data

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