Hydrological Measurements – Soil Hydrology

Course subject(s) 03. Soil Hydrology

3. Soil Hydrology

Guest lecturer dr. Thom Bogaard discusses Soil Hydrology in this lecture. First he will discuss soil physics followed by measuring moisture hydrostatics. Then he will talk about the hydrostatics; what are the forces in the soil? How do we measure tension in soil? Also soil hydraulics, soil infiltration and field test will be discussed.

The learning goals for this lecture after the student successfully has finished this part of the course:

  • The student is acquainted with the basis of soil physics and hydrological processes and measurements and can quantify the stocks and fluxes in the unsaturated zone.
  • The student will have active knowledge of soil physics
  • The student will be able to perform calculations for unsaturated zone fluxes
  • The student will have basic knowledge of field an lab measurement techniques

Physics and hydrological processes

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