Network Theory

Course subject(s) Network Theory

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This lecture will discuss Network Theory:

Part I – Static networks

  • Understand the notion of networks as graphs consisting of nodes and edges:
    • Directed vs undirected
    • Weighted unweighted
  • Understand different topologies and how they affect the network:
    • Random
    • Preferential
  • Know the meaning of the basic network metrics:
    • Graph diameter
    • Shortest Average Path Length
    • Degree distributions
    • Minimum spanning tree
  • Understand basic network evolution processes:
    • Small world networks

Part II – Dynamic networks

  • Network visualization:
    • Why network views are important
    • Graph layouts
    • Networks vs hierarchies
  • Using networks:
    • Inuput/Output analysis
    • LCA
  • Measuring real networks:
    • Economies
    • Wikis/knowledge
    • Ecosystems
  • Processes on networks:
    • Avalanche models
    • Metcalfe’s law

Below is a link to the lecture slides and a paper.

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