Structure of this Week: Resource Shortage

Course subject(s) 5 Resource Shortage

In the next video, Marc Spiller will outline what is expected of you in this week. The learning objectives of this week are listed below the video.

Video: Overview of the Week

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Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this week are as follows:

  • Remember essential background information about the concept of peak resources and the water, nutrients, carbon and food nexus. [5.1]
  • Be able to participate in discussions about the relationship between the shape and structure of cities and the reuse of water and nutrients. [5.2]
  • Remember basic concepts and technologies for resource recovery from biomass and household waste. [5.4]
  • Understand the role of urban agriculture in closing resource loops and the social benefits of urban agriculture. [5.6]
  • Recall the role of policy and governance in addressing resource recovery and reuse. [5.7]
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