Overview of this Week: Synthesis

Course subject(s) 7 Synthesis

In the next video, Mariette Overschie will explain the structure of this last week.

Video: Structure of the Week

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Learning Objectives

In this week, we will discuss the importance of inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable urban development. By using these approaches, Synthesis (the making of something new from multiple entities) is created. This will be demonstrated using several case studies.

The specific learning objectives are:

  • To be able to recognise the connections between the themes and the challenges of the past weeks;
  • To remember real application where multiple aspects of sustainable urban development are brought together, thus making use of knowledge from more than one discipline or area of expertise;
  • To gain perspective on the future educational opportunities offered by the AMS-Institute, Delft Technical University and Wageningen University.
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