Sentence constructions

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The following links gives you a detailed overview of how sentences are made, what parts they consist of, and what can go wrong.

The Owl at Purdue 1


If you need more information on how sentences are made and mistakes that can be made in this process, look at this site:


 The Writing Centre.

For extra practice, do the exercises at the bottom of the page.

Please also remember what was said in the Grammar module about the order of English sentences:

In English regular sentences (not questions) the order cannot be changed, just remember S-V-O (Subject-Verb-Object). In Dutch, the order can change: Gisteren schilderde Tom de deur. This is impossible in English: *Yesterday painted Tom the door is WRONG. Another example: Tom heeft pijn in zijn arm, omdat hij de deur geschilderd heeft (SOV), is NOT: *Tom’s arm is hurting because he the door has painted. Actually, English is easier here, so we hope that helps!

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