Structure of the week on Climate Change

Course subject(s) 4 Climate Change

In the next video, Marc Spiller will explain what is expected of you in this week. Below the video, you can find an overview of this week’s learning objectives.

Video: Structure of the Week

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Learning Objectives

In this week, you will discover why cities are important places for climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.

The specific learning objectives are:

  • Remembering basic concepts and process of climate change and how they relate to cities [4.1]
  • Remembering how the shape and structure of cities affect the urban climate, climate perception and water management [4.3]
  • Being able to analyse the relationship between energy demand and supply and climate change mitigation by cities and to understand the role of urban transport in climate change mitigation. [4.4]
  • Remembering the relationship between climate change and salt water intrusion and be able to join debates on water reuse [4.5]
  • Recalling the process of interaction between urban society and urban services addressing climate change [4.6]
  • Understanding the role of cities in addressing climate change and the relevance of climate change migration [4.7]
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