Structure of this Week on Socio-economic Change

Course subject(s) 3 Socio-economic Change

In the next video, Mariette Overschie explains the structure of this week.

Video: Outline of this week

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Learning Objectives

In week 3, you will learn about Sustainable Urban Development from the perspective of Socio-economic Change.

The objectives are to:

  • look beyond connectivity based solely on technology, transportation, and trade, toward finding integrated solutions, on smaller scales, which include an area’s surrounding hinterlands, its communities and the limits of the natural environment [3.1]
  • understand the value of the Space Syntax method, linking spatial properties of the urban environment to socio-economic characteristics [3.3]
  • analyze how the global corporations of the oil industry, with the support of public actors, have transformed the built environment but also have influenced how we conceive of, use, and design it [3.3]
  • understand the development of urban surfaces and infrastructures over time. The focus is on water and energy, the so-called essential services [3.4]
  • distinguish changes between the  dominant transport modes within the current transport system [3.4]
  • explain how socio-economic conditions are linked to natural resource use and understand the concept of decoupling natural resource use from economic growth [3.5]
  • understand how consumer practices have developed in co-evolution with the provision of urban infrastructures in Europe [3.6]
  • analyze how changes in urban lifestyles affect resource use and health [3.6]
  • address why metropolitan innovators need to understand complex systems of governance [3.7]
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