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This 4-course program is designed for the next generation of policy policy-makers, sustainability consultants or professionals and students from various fields who want to obtain basic knowledge about climate change and to get an overview of mitigation strategies in various industries and organizations. It will provide you with knowledge and basic skills and tools to design a concrete action plan to make your organization climate-neutral.

In the first three courses, you will get insights into the what and how of greenhouse gas emission reductions: what are technologies and behavioural changes that are effective, how to analyze their potential, cost-effectiveness and feasibility, and which policies and strategies can be used to implement them. In the fourth course, you will integrate those insights into action and learn to define targets and develop a feasible action plan for an organization to reduce its carbon footprint and become climate-neutral. Learn more about the Programme here, or click on the courses below to view them separately.


  1. Designing a Climate-Neutral World: An introduction
  2. Designing Climate-Neutral Buildings and Transport
  3. Designing Climate-Neutral Industry and Electricity Generation
  4. Designing a Climate-Neutral World: Taking Action

All courses can be taken separately.

We wish you good luck with the course you are about to start!

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