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Course subject(s) Module 0. Getting started

Vetrivel Subramaniam Rajkumar

Hi all! I am Vetrivel (or Vetri for short), the assistant manager for the development of this course. I recently graduated with a masters in Electrical Power Engineering from TU Delft, carrying out my thesis work under the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids (IEPG) research group. I will start my doctoral studies soon. My key areas of interest are real-time power system simulations and sustainable power grids. In my free time, I like reading manga and running. Wish you all a great learning experience!

Subhitcha Ramkumar

Hello everyone ! I am Subhitcha, pursuing my masters in electrical power engineering from TU Delft. I am currently doing my thesis in the IEPG research group. My main areas of interest are renewable energy integration and photovoltaic systems. Doing my spare time, I read books, cook Indian food and indulge in some serious Netflix binge-watching. I am the student assistant for the course and I am very much excited to have you on-board!

Viswambher Kambhampati

Hi! I am Viswambher, a second year MSc Sustainable Energy Technology student. I have graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Durgapur , India. I am currently working on my Graduation Project with the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group at TU Delft. My interest lies in the field of Power Electronics, Photovoltaic Systems and Energy Markets. Outside academics, I enjoy sports like cricket and swimming. Any music with melody in it is something I enjoy.  Comedy is my favourite genre of movies. I am a huge fan of the TV Series friends and am currently following Modern Family. I hope you have great fun learning this course!

David Paul Gribnau

Greetings! I am David Gribnau, currently in working on my Masters Thesis for the master Sustainable Energy Technology at the TU Delft. My thesis project is about how urban areas can affect the yield of a PV system. I’ve done a bachelors in Applied Physics also in Delft. My technical interests lie mostly in the solar energy field and in general technology that contributes to a more sustainable world. I hope you have a great learning experience by interacting with fellow learners and I wish you all the best!

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