0.1.3 Overview of Module 0

Course subject(s) Module 0. Introduction to Responsible Innovation

    • In the next section (0.2), we will give you an overview of the course including the links between the different modules and important deadlines. This section also contains some other practical information and a link to the syllabus.
    • The course is based on the results of the EU project ‘Piloting RRI in industry’  (https://www.rri-prisma.eu/). We will also tell you a bit more about this project in the section about the EU-project PRISMA (0.3).
    • After that, we will continue with a short introduction to CSR and RRI (0.4). Both are rather broad concepts (without a very precise definition), but we will show what we mean with these concepts during this course and how these are closely related to each other.
    • The last part of this ‘Getting started module’ is all about understanding the importance of RRI to address the societal challenges and uncomfortable ethical questions we face as a society and as a company (0.5). What are our key values and which dilemmas do we face?

Let’s innovate responsibly!

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