0.2.2 Course Structure Smart Grids Modeling

Course subject(s) Module 0. Introduction to Smart Grids Modeling

Course structure

Our course is divided into modules and sub-modules. For example, right now you’re in the 0. Getting Started module, sub-module Course Structure.

This first MOOC consists of a ‘Getting Started’ module to introduce you to the platform, five modules of learning, and a final wrap-up week. This section goes through the contents of each of the modules allowing you to better integrate these modules within your own schedule. Below we have a brief overview of what to expect from each module.

Module 0: Getting Started
The course starts off with the Getting Started module, which will introduce you to the grading scheme of the course.

Module 1: Introduction to OpenModelica

In the first module, you will be guided on how to install and setup the OpenModelica software. You will also be provided with additional examples to get comfortable with the simulation environment.

Module 2: Modeling and Simulating a Power System

In the second module, you will build an uncontrolled IEEE 9-bus system in OpenModelica and submit your analysis of the system for a graded peer review activity.

Module 3: Assessing Power Systems

In the third module, you will modify the model built in module 2 by adding controllers to it.

Module 4:  Adding a Renewable Energy Source

In this module, you will modify the model built in module 3 by adding a wind farm.

Module 5:  Conclusion and wrap up

In the  module of this course, you will visually see the impact of cyber attacks by simulating pre-built model provided by the course team. This is for learning and demonstration of smart grid cyber security.


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