0.2.2 What you will learn

Course subject(s) Module 0: Getting started: Pre-University Physics

Upon completion of the course, you will;

  • have a basic understanding of the following physics topics: mechanics, electricty & magnetism, and waves.
  • be able to apply this knowledge in various engineering contexts.
  • have been introduced to the academic approach to physics.
    In particular, this implies that the participant will be able to:

      • solve physics problems in an algebraic way, without specifying numerical values.
      • provide order-of-magnitude estimations without using calculation aids.
      • apply basic differential and integral calculus to physics problems.
      • work with vectors at a conceptual (non-quantitative) level

This course aims to refresh your high school level knowledge on mechanics, electricity & magnetism and waves. Our challenge to you is to really get to understand the more abstract and mathematical way in which physics is approached at university.

Enjoy the course and have fun!

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