0.7.1 Further Reading

Course subject(s) 00. A crash course on quantum information

We have prepared extensive lecture notes for you for Week 0. Go to the tab “Lecture notes” to download them.

While not strictly necessary for this class, you may also enjoy the following:

  • Book: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by M. Nielsen and I. Chuang provides much more information than we will ever need here! While a little dated by now, this book still provides a great overview over all aspects of quantum information, ranging from quantum computation, ideas for implementations all the way to the basics of quantum channel coding.
  • Book: Quantum Processes, Systems and Information by B. Schumacher and M. Westmoreland gives a very nice introduction to qubits and basic concepts in quantum information. It is a beautiful introduction to quantum mechanics itself from the perspective of quantum information.
  • Lecture notes: John Preskill’s notes for Phys 219/CS 219 Quantum Computation are a great resource, and will sometimes provide you with a more “physics-y” take on things.
  • MOOC: edX Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation teaches you more about the foundations of quantum information, with a special eye towards computing applications.
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