1.0 Introduction to Fundamentals of Nuclear Science

Course subject(s) 1. Fundamentals of Nuclear Science

Welcome to the first module of the course!

This module will build up a foundation to understand the physics of various aspects of nuclear energy.

You will start with a subject most of you are familiar with: the atomic model. This will serve as a basis for the next lecture about radioactive decay.  The topics for this module along with the name of the lecturer is as follows:

  1. The Atomic Model :- Stefaan Pommé
  2. Radioactive Decay :- Stefaan Pommé
  3. Introduction of Radiation with Matter :- Jan Heyse
  4. Radiation Protection Dosimetry :-  Anne Laure LeBacq
  5. Nuclear Reactions and the Fission Processes :- Jan Heyse

We will also introduce the topics of each lecture before the video. The videos are then followed by some keywords which you may use as focus points or as a need to look up for further reading.

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