1.1.1 Introduction to Module 1

Course subject(s) Module 1. Introducing the building blocks of a quantum computer

When we build a quantum computer, we need to integrate different kinds of technologies to be able to interact with the machine. The quantum computer contains the following ‘building blocks’:

In this first module we will give you an overview of the whole system. Koen Bertels, Professor in Computer Engineering, takes you on a journey through all layers. In the next 4 modules we will dive deeper in the layer of the quantum chip (qubits).

Each qubit needs its own specific material. These materials need to contain one of the particles that we need to create the qubits and not be contaminated with other particles. Therefore we need to ‘grow’┬ámaterials. Giordano Scappucci will explain how this works.

To fully understand the topics of this course, you will need some mathematical tools. In the lectures on Ket notation, Postdoctoral researchers Ben Criger will explain the basic mathematical principles you will encounter during this course.

This module contains 3 lectures and 3 quizzes.
Good luck and enjoy!

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