1.1.1 Introduction to Smart Grid

Course subject(s) Module 1. Modeling Smart Grids

Welcome to the first content module of the course on Smart Grids: The Basics!

In this module, we will introduce the concept of a Smart Grid and the key role it will play in the transition to a sustainable energy future. We will also discuss its transdisciplinary, complex nature and how one can model such a heterogenous system.

During this module, we shall briefly touch upon the following questions:

  •        What is exactly is a ‘Smart Grid’? How complex is it?
  •         What are the different paradigms and methods to model a ‘Smart Grid’?               
  •         What is co-simulation? How can it be applied to model smart grids?
  •         What are the most commonly used software tools in the power system domain?

We wish you a fun learning experience!

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