1.1.2 Meet the course team

Course subject(s) Module 1. Introduction to the course and the 4A Framework

Here you can meet the people that contributed to this course. The team consists of several people, both staff and students, from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The course team invited experts in the field as guest speakers for various videos as well.

prof.dr.ir. Margot Weijnen,
Full Professor at the TU Delft: Process and Energy Systems Engineering
Scientific Director of NextGeneration Infrastructures

ir. Jasper Meijering,
Project Manager knowledge dissemination at NextGeneration Infrastructures
Researcher at Clingendael International Energy Programme

TA Team:

Flip Steenbrink
MSc Complex Systems Engineering, TU Delft

Hi! My name is Flip Steenbrink, and I’m one of your TA’s for this course. Over the past years my interest in energy systems and how to improve them has grown rapidly. Moving towards energy for all, that is sustainable as well, is the most challenging goal now, in my opinion. I hope you’ll learn a lot from the insights from the experts that contributed and contine working on energy. Good luck and enjoy the course!

Ivar Tjallingii
MSc Engineering Policy Analysis, TU Delft

Hi! I’m Ivar Tjallingii and i’m one of the TA’s who developed and run this course! During my academic career I gained a tremendous interest in energy systems and the transition to a more sustainable energy supply. The way energy systems are implemented and valued still vary globally. This course will give you insights in different challenges around the world to implement inclusive energy systems. I hope this course will spark your interest in the energy domain to even great length!

Mira Groot
MSc Industrial Ecology, TU Delft & Leiden University

Hello! My name is Mira and I’m one of the TA’s of this course. My interest in sustainability has grown in the last years and I think especially energy is a very interesting topic where a lot can be achieved. I hope you’ll enjoy this course as much as I do and that you can learn a lot from all the interesting speakers!

Toon Jansen
MSc Econometrics & Management Science, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Hi! My name is Toon Jansen and I’m one of your TA’s for this course. I love energy systems because  energy is an important enabler of development, but also a field where huge challenges lie ahead of us. I think this course will give you interesting insights in how these challenges regarding energy differ throughout the world. Enjoy!

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