1.1.2 Problems in Current Transportation

Course subject(s) Module 1. Basic principles of Hyperloop

When looking at our options for transportation, it is interesting to rank them according to a graph with speed on one axis and efficiency on the other. Efficiency here means how much energy per passenger per km an option needs.

As you can see, there is one quadrant where a transportation method is missing, and that is when something is both fast and efficient. Of course, companies are trying to make their planes more efficient or their trains faster, but still after years of development we have not found the solution for existing transportation.

As you probably already anticipated, this is where the hyperloop fits in. Later in the course, we will have a look at how this realized, but for now, just try to think of the consequences this has for the rest of the graph. How will our demand for other methods of transport change when we finally find something that satisfies both criteria?

Next to the two issues mentioned above, there are of course more problems in transportation, which are closer to yourself. Just imagine being stuck in a traffic jam when you are in a hurry to get to work. Or you could think of the influence of your surroundings. Planes are sometimes grounded because of bad weather conditions and harsh winds might endanger your commute on the highway. Of course, there are many more examples from your daily life to think of.

This also brings us to our first assignment on Sketchdrive. On the next page, we would like to ask you to open the Sketchdrive and upload a picture of a situation where you experience problems during your travel. This can be as simple as a picture when you are waiting on a crowded train station, but feel free to be creative about his.

Also, please note that you should never endanger yourself when taking this picture, so don’t grab your phone or camera when you should be paying attention to the traffic around you instead!

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