1.1.3 Transport in your Area

Course subject(s) Module 1. Basic principles of Hyperloop

In the next section we will discuss the issues with present-day transportation in our first lecture video. We’ll consider traffic jams, pollution, delays due to bad weather and so on. For us, these are some well-known problems, so we can imagine they might be for you as well.

But first let’s do this activity in which we would like you to take a picture of a traffic issue in your own surroundings and upload this to Sketchdrive using the link you can find below. Please provide a short description along with the picture that you are uploading, including what you think is the cause for this problem. Please feel free to comment on each other and ask questions, try to engage with each other!

This activity also functions as an introduction to Sketchdrive which we will use as a feedback and discussions tool for the weekly assignments. Also, don’t forget that if you are taking pictures of traffic around you, you should never endanger yourself or anyone else!

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