1.4.1 Additional Information

Course subject(s) Module 1: Introduction

Below you will find links to videos, articles, and other content relevant to this week of the course. This section is voluntary, so you are not expected to be familiar with this content when you answer the quiz at the end of the week. However, please take some time to look through these links, as you might find information that interests you in particular. Enjoy!

    • How We Can Make the World a Better Place by 2030: Michael Green. Click here to watch
    • Design for the Environment. Click here to read
    • Circular Economy package – what’s in it? Click here to read
    • Giurco, D., Littleboy, A., Boyle, T., Fyfe, J., White, S. (2014). “Circular Economy: Questions for responsible minerals, additive manufacturing and recycling of Metals”. Resources. 3 (2), pp. 432-453. Click here to download
    • Hobson, K., Lynch, N., Lilley, D., Smalley, G. (2017). “Systems of practice and the Circular Economy: Transforming mobile phone product service systems”. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. pp. 2210-4224. Click here to read
    • Pratt, E., K., Lenaghan, M., Mitchard, E. (2016). “Material flows accounting for Scotland shows the merits of a circular economy and the folly of territorial carbon reporting”. E.T.A. Carbon Balance Manage. Click here to read
    • Sauvé, S., Bernard, S., Sloan, P. (2016). “Environmental sciences, sustainable development and circular economy: Alternative concepts for trans-disciplinary research”. Environmental Development. 17, pp. 48-56. Click here to read
    • The Circular Economy: from consumer to user. Click here to watch
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