1.6 Extra: World Map

Course subject(s) 1. Track, Train and Movement

Extra: World Map Rail

One great feature of this MOOC is the interactive world map. This is where you can add data and imagery on your local and national railway network and share and compare this with other countries and cities in the world. With enrolments from over 130 countries, this world map becomes a unique place where you can get details on trains, tracks, stations, operations and more from all around the world.

Each week the map will appear in one of the discussed topics. Everyone will be asked to answer several questions regarding their national railway network and, if applicable, their local metro network (later in the course). Input will be shown on the map, after which it can be compared to other countries. Select a country of your choice to learn about this specific network or activate one of the filters to get an overview of the full world.

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