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Course subject(s) 2. Electricity use in buildings

We have now reached the second module of the course. We hope you have been enjoying the content so far. In this module we will be taking a deeper dive into the electricity consumption in buildings connected to the use of household appliances, office equipment, connected devices (like smart phones) and lighting. What trends can be observed? And which options are available to reduce this electricity consumption? Next we will investigate the potential to reduce energy consumption by means of digitisation, in other words using data to make buildings “smarter”. In the final video of this module, we explore policy options implemented by governments which aim to lower CO2 emissions from buildings.


The content of this module is split into five sections

  1. Global trends in electricity consumption
  2. Large household appliances
  3. Lighting
  4. Smart buildings
  5. Energy policies

We have prepared quizzes and exercises for each of these modules, as well as additional materials including open discussions about the presented topics and optional extra learning content.

Learning outcomes

After following this modules material, you should have an understanding of these main points:

  • What are the global trends in electricity consumption in the building sectors, and what are the key drivers for these trends
  • The impact that energy efficiency improvements have had on the energy consumption of buildings
  • The potential of digitalisation and “smart” technologies to reduce the energy demands of buildings
  • An understanding of the different types of barriers which contribute to actors not achieving carbon-free buildings
  • The policy mechanisms that governments may employ to achieve their targets
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