2.0.1 Welcome to module 2 of Designing Climate-Neutral industry and electricity generation

Course subject(s) 2. System thinking in the industrial sector

What is this module about?

Welcome to the second module of the course. In this module, we will explore the industrial system as a whole. We will describe specific methods and tools to evaluate and motivate mitigation measures, and we will discuss governance topics related to energy systems.


The contentĀ of this week is split into four sections:

  1. Industrial Ecology and system thinking
  2. Life cycle assessment
  3. Governance of integrated energy systems
  4. Trade-offs, synergies and industry 4.0

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes for this week are:

  • Acquire a system perspective of the industrial sector
  • Differentiate between direct and indirect environmental impacts
  • Relate new industry trends towards climate change mitigation


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