2.1.1 Learning objectives and overview

Course subject(s) Module 2. Foundation for RRI


In Module 1, we discussed the process for defining a roadmap for RRI in Industry and how to select Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  We also discussed some obstacles you may encounter.

In Module 2, we will look at approaches to reflect on the way to  initiate discussions about the roadmap and RRI by considering three related issues:  CSR-policies, ethical leadership and standards.
We will also have our first peer-review assignment which is to reflect on KPIs.

So, the learning outcomes for this module are to:

    • Understand why shareholder value is not all about profits but also about stakeholder and societal values (section 2.2)
    • Recognize the importance and key elements of ethical leadership in the context of CSR and RRI (section 2.3)
    • Know the different various (ISO-)standards for CSR & RRI /social responsibility, in particular ISO 26000 (section 2.4)
    • Review the PRISMA toolkit (section 2.5)
    • Practice selecting Key Performance Indicators for CSR/RRI (section 2.8, open assignment).

Good luck!

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