2.1.1 Learning objectives

Course subject(s) Module 2. Research Data Management

The second week you will grasp the basic concepts related to Open and FAIR research data, get hands-on experience with open research datasets, and learn to adopt a critical attitude towards Open Science efforts. The second week of the MOOC consists of 3 video lectures that will:

  • introduce open data management,
  • discuss the what, how and why of open data management
  • discuss open data management with Jason Duley, Open data and code sharing manager of NASA.

For assignment two, you will find and describe an existing open research data repository. In addition, we will provide you with all of the data that you and your fellow students have generated in the first assignment and you will describe and analyze which metadata fields are needed to make our co-produced research dataset FAIR. Finally, you upload a dataset of your choice to an open research data repository.

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