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The challenge of supplying the total world population with clean cooking facilities is even greater compared to electricity access. Over the 2000-2015 period, the total population that gained access to clean cooking was almost completely outdone by population growth. A major challenge lies ahead to supply clean cooking for all which is a requirement for an inclusive energy system for all world citizens.


Source: International Energy Agency, (2017): World Energy Outlook. All rights reserved. 

According to the International Energy Agency projections, we can expect only a small drop in the total world population that gains access to clean cooking facilities. What we see is that especially the Sub-Saharan region and India are expected to struggle with the provision of clean cooking facilities.  Therefore we need to think about smart solutions that provide clean cooking for all to prevent respiratory illnesses that are now caused by the use of primitive cooking facilities around the globe.


Source: International Energy Agency, (2017): World Energy Outlook. All rights reserved. 


IEA definition of Energy Access

Some graphs about the state of energy access in the world:

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