3.1.2 Continue Your Learning

Course subject(s) Module 3. Course Completion

Would you like to continue your learning and enhance your AI skills for engineers?

We recommend the following courses:

Massive Online Open Course: Data Engineering and Data Pipelines

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become central techniques in modern society, and data plays a crucial role in AI applications. Without solid data management, AI projects typically underperform or even fail. Unfortunately, the relevance and complexity of handling data is frequently underestimated.

Learn the importance of data for AI and acquire the skills to handle data in SQL pipelines and complement them with basic data engineering that will enable you to go from data to visualisation. Find more information here.

Professional Education Course: Introduction to Functional Programming for Big Data Processing

Understanding the foundations of functional programming is an eye-opening experience, even for seasoned programmers. Discover the value of functional programming for Big Data processing and scale up your projects. Find more information here.

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