3.3.1 Introduction to stakeholder analysis

Course subject(s) Module 3. How: Stakeholder engagement and gender dimension

Stakeholder Analysis: process 

Stakeholder Analysis is an important step in order to understand who the key stakeholders are, what their relation is to the company, and how important they are to a specific subject.  For policy making, this is essential.

Broady speaking, you could distinguish the following steps:

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Identification and mapping of stakeholders
  • Consultation with stakeholders
  • Action plan

In this section we will very briefly describe each step in case you are not yet familiar with this topic.  In the readings (see last section) , you will find much more details on actor analysis including templates.

Note that this section is about stakeholder engagement in general.

In the next section (3.4) we will look at closer look at  stakeholder engagement from an RRI perspective. 

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