3.6.1 Readings, recap and discussions

Course subject(s) Module 3. How: Stakeholder engagement and gender dimension


  • Stakeholder engagement is a key element of RRI.
  • But you need to reflect: what are my objectives? Do I have the right resources?  What is the internal commitment? Are there also risks?  What methods and tools can I use?
  • The next step is the identification of stakeholders. Is there a fair presentation of all stakeholders (reflect, for example, on the gender dimension). The subsequent step is mapping (consider interest and power/influence) of the stakeholders.
  • It takes time to build trust, so start early with stakeholder engagement.
  • The actual engagement process requires careful preparation and implementation, we included a number of tips.
  • The action plan is also important for further reflection.
  • Stakeholder engagement is a dynamic process, reflect on and update your action plan accordingly.

And check the toolkit: https://www.rri-prisma.eu/rri-tool/stakeholder-engagement/.


Please have a look again at the questions for pondering in section 3.1.

We look forward to your comments!

What do you see as main problems and opportunities regarding stakeholder-engagement?

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