4.0.1 Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 4. Advanced EV Business

In this module, we switch to advanced business models that originate from switching to electric vehicles. We will have a look at how autonomous vehicles will change the urban landscape. It is argued that these vehicles are most likely to be electric. But how will autonomy change the business landscape for vehicles or the charging infrastructure? In the second and third lecture, we review two concepts in which the (renewable) electricity market is integrated with charging electric vehicles. By exploring ‘smart charging’ and ‘vehicle-2-x’technology and business models we will investigate business opportunities that are currently created. In the last lecture, we discuss ways to predict the future. We discuss a model called ‘SparkCity’ developed amongst others by lecturer Roland Steinmetz which has the possibility to visualise the impact of electric vehicles on multiple aspects by simulating the behaviour of individual persons. Roland Steinmetz will discuss how so-called Agent Based Modelling can help in predicting future trends.

The course ends with a case study of Jedlix, a company that already has brought one of these advanced business models into practice. Co-founder Taco van Berkel discusses how his company uses smart charging to leverage the potential of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

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