4.1.1 Introduction to Topic 2

Course subject(s) 4. Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

Stakeholder Analysis & Mapping    Icon Topic 2

In Topic 1 you learned to diagnose when stakeholder engagement is necessary in a complex problem situation.  In Topic 2 you will learn how to identify relevant stakeholders, map them on a power interest grid, and identify their mutual dependencies.

The topic consists of the following videos:

  • Stakeholder analysis and the power interest grid – a video by Dr Alexander de Haan
  • The value of working with stakeholders  – a video by Prof Tally Palmer in which she shares experiences from the Crocodile River in South Africa.
  • Issues of scale – a video by Prof Jill Slinger (and Heleen Vreugdenhil) on the influence of scale perceptions in the design and decision making regarding Building with Nature interventions.

Enjoy learning how to identify relevant stakeholders, map their inter-dependencies and consider issues of scale.

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