4.1.1 Learning objectives

Course subject(s) Module 4. Increasing your research visibility

In week 4 you will learn how communicating your research can improve your visibility and impact as a researcher, and be able to formulate your own communication strategy. The fourth week of the MOOC consists of 4 video lectures that teach you about:

  • how to increase your research visibility
  • how you can use social media to do so
  • how you can use Altmetrics to measure the effectiveness of communicating through social media platforms.
  • TU Delft’s REPAIR project and the communication strategy that was developed for this project.

In the fourth assignment, you will perform an altmetrics analysis, review the effectiveness of different social media platforms for disseminating research, and formulate a communication strategy for yourself.  You will also be able to read and review communication strategies that are published by fellow participants.

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