4.2.2 Case studies

Course subject(s) Module 4. How: Safe by design

Three case studies

Now that you have seen the web lecture about Safe-by-Design and why this is so important when doing research and innovation, we would like to make it more concrete by showcasing dealing with safety in different sectors. Why is safety so important according to them? And what is the relation between safety and regulation? How do we deal with unknown risks?

    • An interview with the CEO of the PRISMA pilot company Colorobbia about safe nanomaterials for medical use.
    • Regulation is also the focal subject of the interview with the pilot Aerialtronics (drones): how can we make sure that they are used for the right purpose?
    • An interview with David Carlander about nanotechnology and how, according to him, safety is ensured via regulation.

You’ll find the three interviews in the next sections.

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