4.7 Extra: Fun fact or good story?

Course subject(s) 4. Complexity of Disruptions

Extra: Fun fact or good story?

Each week we have hidden an unusual story related to the main topic discussed, called ‘fun fact or good story’. To introduce this topic, we have summed up a few interesting things on railways that you probably did not know yet:

  • The modern age of trains begun in early 1800s, after the initial patent of James Watt for stationary steam engine expired;
  • The railroad connecting United States’ East and West coast shortened travel between New York and California from weeks and months to only a few days in 1866;
  • Abraham Lincoln’s assassination helped publicise train travel. The funeral train was front-page news as a luxurious way of travelling;
  • 100 years ago, the United States had 100,000 miles more rail track compared to today. At the time, it was enough to reach the moon from earth;
  • Indian Railways has over 1.6 million employees, making it one of the world’s ten largest employers.

The weekly topic will focus on a fact or story with more details and background information based on that specific week’s content.

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