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Course subject(s) 5. Wrap up of Designing Climate-Neutral Industry and electricity generation

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Yes, having finished the content of module 4, we have now reached the end of ‘Designing climate-neutral industry and electricity generation’. We have covered many topics in the course and we hope that you can use these lessons to action meaningful change in your work, business, community, city, region, country and beyond.

As we are all well aware, climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity and climate change mitigation is therefore one of the most important challenges of our time. To meet this threat, drastic transformations are needed in virtually every industry. We hope that throughout these past few weeks you have gained a better understanding of the magnitude of this challenge, but also that you have gathered some knowledge which may help you to be part of the solution. Tackling climate change can be an intimidating prospect but  you should be encouraged by the extraordinary work already undertaken and continued by people and organisations throughout the world.

Although we have no more content to present, we hope that this is not the end of your climate mitigation learning and action.

Thanks again for choosing to follow this course and contributing to climate change understanding.

Kind regards,

The course team: Mar Perez-Fortes, Brendon de Raad, Paola Ibarra Gonzalez, Samantha Tanzer, Gijsbert Korevaar, Stefan Pfenninger, Francesco Lombardi, Rory Hooper, Ceyrine Pellikaan

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