5.2.1 Functions and Needs

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

A packaging item can be deconstructed into a set of functions that it performs in order to fulfil (a number of) corresponding user needs. In episode one we already discussed some of the primary functions packaging (or product-packaging combinations) can perform.

Thinking critically about your user’s needs is key to rethink any packaging system. Mirjam de Bruijn’s point of departure for her company Twenty was the observation that people do not need to purchase a bottle of shampoo, they need to be able to wash their hair. Rather than just redesigning the bottle she redesigned the way people use shampoo, taking into account every phase in the life cycle (transport, use, disposal etc.) of the packaging and the product.

On the next page we will take a look at a simple method designers use to identify user needs.

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