5.2.2 Defining user needs

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

To rethink any packaging system, start by asking yourself which need(s) it must fulfil. Designers often use a method called How/ Why Laddering to uncover underlying user needs.

Begin by establishing a need that your product-packaging combination fulfils. Then ‘move up the ladder’ by asking ‘why?’. To ‘move down’ the ladder, ask yourself ‘how?’. The further you move up, the more abstract the needs become. By moving down, needs become more specific. For example:

‘’(To) feel confident about my appearance’’

↓How?       ↑Why?

‘’(To) keep my clothes clean and fresh’’

↓How?       ↑Why?

‘’(To) add a cleaning agent to my laundry’’

↓How?       ↑Why?

‘’(To) safely store enough laundry detergent for 60 washes’’

↓How?       ↑Why?

‘’(To) buy a 3L plastic bottle of laundry detergent’

On the next page we will discuss how you can determine which need to address.

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