5.2.3 Asking the Right Questions

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

Determining which level of user need to address in order to rethink your product-packaging combination largely depends on the context. It might be difficult for the manufacturer of the laundry detergent in the example on the previous page to devise a completely new way to make its customers feel confident about their appearance.

It may, however, develop alternative ways to enable their customers to add a cleaning agent to their laundry. The detergent brand could, for example, partner up with a washing machine manufacturer to develop a delivery service for detergent compartments that can be refilled.

As Siem Haffmans explained in episode one, your solution may be limited by your company’s (or client’s) scope and its ability to influence the wider system. For your new solution to work, many aspects of the original design may need to change: the product or service itself, the business model or how the product-packaging combination is used, distributed, and/or disposed of.

Once you have established the right scope it can be helpful to reframe the design challenge as a ‘How to’ question. For example:

‘’How can we enable users to keep their clothes clean and fresh?’

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