5.2.3 Readings case CSS Port of Rotterdam

Course subject(s) Module 5. Acceptability

In addition to the clip of the interview with Nico van Dooren on CCS in the Port of Rotterdam, you can find some reading material in this section. Some of which will deepen your knowledge on the policy-related challenges of CCS.

  1. Carbon Capture and Storage: the way forward.
    Only the introduction and section 14 (pages 1-2, 80-84) are relevant for this course. This paper discusses and addresses the current state of CCS as an additional solution in the energy transition.
  2. CCUS in the Port of Rotterdam.
    This website and short video shortly explains what project CCS in the Port of Rotterdam is about. It is in addition to the interview with Nico van Dooren (same as above the video of Nico van Dooren).
  3. The risks and challenges of storing carbon in the North Sea, from the UK perspective.
    In this paper of the Global CCS Institute, they focus on the liability of CCS operations. In chapter 3 they explain multiple forms of liability. See how these could affect the production of CCS activities. What is the role of private and public parties in this matter? Furthermore, they elaborate on the risks and challenges that come with CCS operations. You can take a look at how these could be tackled!
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