6.6 Follow-up Courses and Academic Papers

Course subject(s) 6. Future and Special Systems

Extra: Follow-up Courses

If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills on Railway Engineering in more depth, we invite you to subscribe to our professional education program.

Our follow-up advanced series consists of three online courses:

  • Railway Engineering Design: Track and Train Interaction (Starting: February)
  • Railway Engineering Operations: Real Time Traffic Management (Starting: May)
  • Railway Engineering Maintenance: Performance over Time (Starting: September)

The Professional Course Series is followed by a case-based course, which will finalize the program in Railway Engineering. During this ‘Capstone Project’ you will work on a project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses. The capstone project will be staff-graded and you will receive personalized guidance and feedback throughout the different weeks.

After successful completion of the three advanced courses as well as the capstone project, you will receive an official TU Delft Professional Certificate in Railway Engineering.

  • Railway Engineering: Capstone Project (Starting: November)

Academic Papers

To give more depth to the course we have multiple academic papers available. These papers can be accessed by participating in the course on edX.

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