Agent Based Modeling of Complex Adaptive Systems (advanced) – Readings

Course subject(s) 1. Problem Formulation and Actor Identification 2. System Identification and Decomposition and Concept Formalization 3. Model Formalization 4. Software Implementation 5. Model Verification 6. Experimentation 7. Data Analysis 8. Model Validation and Model Use

As mentioned in the general course description, this course is a follow-up course on the basic course in Agent Based Modeling of Complex Systems. Therefore, it is recommended to complete that basic course before starting this advanced course. The wiki page has a section that mentions optional background literature.


This course uses the NetLogo environment for projects. It is introduced on this wiki page in the course. On this page, both the environment as well as manuals for its use can be downloaded directly from the Center for Connected Learning (CCL) at Northwestern University.

After installation, this wiki page contains some examples of NetLogo models.

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