1.0.1 Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 1. EV Charging Infrastructure Module 1. EVs in the Energy Transition

Welcome to the first content module of the Electric Cars: Introduction! We are in an exciting time of a tremendous revolution in energy and mobility and electric mobility, in particular, is one of the key phenomena leading this transformation.

In this module, we will have an introduction to electric vehicles and the key role they can play in the transition to sustainable energy. We will consider the vital role played by technology, policy and business and how they must work together to enable this transition.
During this module, we will discuss the following questions:

    • What is an electric vehicle and what are its advantages?
    • How can electric vehicles enable the energy transition?
    • What are the key benefits of electric vehicles over ICE vehicles?
    • How environmentally friendly are EVs?
    • and businesses important for the development of electric vehicles

An important note: Throughout this course the term electric vehicle or short form EV generally refers to a pure battery electric vehicle (without fuel tank). The technology part of the course mainly focuses on an electric car while the policy and business aspects cover electric cars, electric buses and electric trucks as well. Unless otherwise specified, electric bikes, water-borne electric vehicles, airborne electric vehicles and other forms of electric vehicles are not within the scope of this course.

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