5.2.1 Introduction: The impact of globalisation and offshoring in software companies

Course subject(s) Module 5. GSE Research

Content of the Learning Sequence

This learning sequence elaborates on GDSE research, especially on the impact of globalization and offshoring in software companies. The series inventories two subjects:

  1. Offshoring and cost-savings, about the effects of offshoring on the cost of software engineering.
  2. Bottom-line cost of offshoring in ‘SwedCo’, a case study on a Swedish software company that scales up in an offshoring site in different countries worldwide.

This learning sequence contains a series of two video lectures that are each followed by a quiz to check your knowledge. Finally, the lessons will conclude with an interview with Darja Šmite, and an open discussion on a topic related to decision making in an offshore context.

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